Smart and Casual Barefoot Shoes

Our Goal: Provide high quality minimalist footwear suitable for casual wear, work and business, semi-formal events and social outings with Australian service and shipping.

“We hope to grow our range of shoes to meet the needs of barefoot shoe enthusiasts who want to wear functional unrestrictive shoes for all occasions.” (Nat - founder)

Aylla Shoes are made just 1hr from Prague from high quality locally sourced full grain leather. All materials are sourced from within Europe and assembled using traditional craftsmanship, featuring ’stitched’ not just glued soles for exceptional strength and longevity.

Transitioning to Barefoot Shoes

Here are our tips...

1. Take it easy... You are undoing _____ (insert age here) -2 years of altered foot function. That's a lot!!

2. Do targeted MOBILITY exercises for your foot and ankle + knees, hips, and core.

3. Do targeted STRENGTH exercises for your foot and ankle + knees, hips, and core.

4. Work up to man-made surfaces like concrete, asphalt, tiles. We were not designed for these surfaces but with strong feet it is possible. 

This is not medical or personal advice!

5. See a Podiatrist (Foot professional) who has a specialty interest in barefoot function such as: Romany Vonarx at ACT Podiatry, Canberra, Australia.

Choose the right size!
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