About Us

About Us: 

Minimalist Shoes Australia is a small family owned and operated business providing barefoot shoes from leading international brands that were not accessible to Australian consumers. We hope to grow our range of shoes to meet the needs of Australians who want to wear barefoot shoes for all occasions. 


Who we are:


Founder and owner of Minimalist Shoes Australia. Nat is an Outdoor Education teacher with a passion for connecting and enjoying the natural environment using physiological based movement sequences. This involves utilising the flexibility, strength, and structure of our body systems to maintain our health, wellbeing, and retain our physiological mobility/ability. Minimalist shoes are just one piece of this puzzle providing the most benefit when combined with a whole-of-lifestyle focus on natural movements, strength, flexibility, sleep, and nutrition.


Romany Vonarx - Endorsed Podiatrist with Honours (Biomechanics)

Supporting partner Romany, is practicing at ACT podiatry in Canberra. Romany is an example of the full barefoot transition after spending years in orthotics and supportive footwear. Romany has researched the scientific backing to help us and her clients move away from modern footwear and develop strong and flexible feet. Romany advocates for people to transition to a barefoot lifestyle where appropriate. The transition requires a mentality shift and commitment to helping our feet and bodies mobilise and strengthen to support a physiological range of movement. Please book a consultation through ACT Podiatry.